Air freight

Air Cargo is a US$50 billion business that transports 35% of the value of goods traded internationally and a critical part of the airline business which, as a whole, is the US$490 billion heart of a value chain that supports 32 million jobs and US$3.5 trillion of economic activity. It is an important industry that is critical to global business.

The majority of air cargo is moved on passenger aircraft with freight loaded in containers and carried, like baggage, in under-floor holds. Additionally, destinations with high volumes of cargo are served by freighters or ‘cargo only’ aircraft. In some circumstances an entire aircraft may be chartered to move a special cargo project.

Zygo subscribes directly to CCS-UK giving us live data and direct communication with airports, terminals, airlines and entry processing units. This avoids unnecessary delay to ensure we can provide fast transit and processing of import and export formalities.

Our long established accounts and relationships with airlines and related services, together with our worldwide team of airport agents, gives flexibility to adjust speed, cost and locations to help develop your import and export business by good, simple and cost effective service.