About us

Zygo has provided Freight Forwarding and Logistic Services since the nineties.

We are all about the smooth flow of international trade and ensure our customers goods move from point of origin to point of destination to arrive;

– at the right place,
– at the right time,
– in good order and condition,
– at the most economic cost.

To enable this Zygo has expertise in a number of areas;


Close co-operation is required with transporters in every mode; road, rail, sea and air. We are constantly negotiating freight rates with transport providers, comparing the costs of moving cargo along different routes via different modes and then designing logistics infrastructures which provide the best compromise between cost, speed and reliability.

We derive continuous interest and motivation from the fact that no two operations are the same, given the diversity of the nature of cargoes that are traded and the increasing numbers of doors being opened through the globalisation of world trade.

Once our recommendations with regard to cargo routing have been accepted it becomes our responsibility to ensure that the goods concerned are transported and delivered as planned.

The process of designing and executing these logistics plans has earned us the title “Architect of Transport”.

Statutory compliance

A vital ingredient to successful trading on world markets is that every transaction must comply with a myriad of statutory measures and their related procedures, especially those associated with Customs. It is in this area that our specialised skills and knowledge come to the fore. Without these, you would become hampered through being distracted from you core activities meeting the material needs of world business.

Risk Management

To every international trade transaction there is an element of risk and the increased complexity of international trading as compared to local buying and selling requires that these risks are managed with tools which are correspondingly more sophisticated. Our customers require us to be in position to advise and assist them in minimising those risks which are particularly associated with the movement of goods; loss, damage and destruction, although our exposure to the international environment in its entirety makes our counsel as regards matters like credit and currency risks very much sought after.

Finance and Payment

We are entrusted with goods which are very often dispatched under conditions where buyer and seller are not known to one another. Under these circumstances we must scrupulously ensure that all requirements of the door to door operation are complied with to the letter, especially as far as the accurate and timely production of documentation is concerned. Excellence in this field leads to prompt settlement for goods purchased and satisfied traders.

An especially gratifying aspect of our business is the facilitation, through consultancy and networking, of the entry of new exporters and importers into the international market. More often than not this involves advice as to the alternative methods of financing of the transactions concerned and the establishment of payment methods that are mutually beneficial to both parties.